Friday, 27 January 2012

Right well thought I must update my blog - firstly a very big thank you to Julie (  who came to  visit us all at Art and Stitch yesterday, she bought some of her work that we had seen on blogger but oh it was lovely to see it all in the flesh.  She was busy working on an embroidery panel and it is going to look gorgeous when finished.

Now what have we been up to - well we had a lovely Log Cabin class last week and Gemma who has joined us at Art and Stitch made her first ever quilt front - it has got two more blocks on since this photo - she had not used a machine before and by heck did she pick this up so quickly - I shall have to watch out!!   Today she is layering it up having made the extra blocks and put borders on - will let y ou see the finished quilt.   She is naturally really pleased with it.  We are lucky Gemma is a willing learner and has made a great addition to our team.
Last weekend we were finishing the Mystery Quilt course that has run for three months and the ladies have all done excellently - here are two of the quilts - I shall try to get more photos in due course as they all get them together and the pieced borders on.

Whilst I was at work on Saturday my youngest son came in to see us and bought me these beautiful lilies he knows they are one of my favorite flowers and he thought I deserved them.  Yes we all wondered what he was after!   But he didn't want a thing so I am naturally really chuffed with them.  Of course i am no where near being a doting Mother but he is lovely!!!!

 Well I spent the other evening in the sewing room, getting a quilt top put together - must take a photo of that to show next time and Poppy was feeling lonely, she inspected the sewing room and felt that was not suitable for her to settle in so sat on the linen box on the landing.  I think she was miffed that there was no quilt for her to snuggle on.
Right well off to see how Gemma is doing with her quilt and to get on with some bits and pieces.  we have had a really busy week here and tomorrow we have two full courses to keep us out of mischieve!!
I am looking forward to seeing how their quilts come out some of the colours the ladies have chosen are lovely and they will look so different to the one I have made.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Gemma is a little gem she has done so well with the log cabin. I'm sure she's going to keep us all on our toes.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Gemma's finished quilt, it looked fantastic when I saw the top on Thursday. Thank you for the link Pam :-) I have nearly finished the block I was doing on Thursday, just satin stitching the edge. Who knows, I may even get it done by the deadline! Have fun with the classes!