Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Monday, Hilary and I had a lovely day out and went to a super garden centre at Polebrook nr Oundle which specialises in Mediterrean plants and it was really worth visiting. it has only been open eleven weeks.
We then carried on into the village and had a lovely pub lunch and then a walk around the village. It was a super day and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday we had a course at Art & Stitch for Crazy Cushions and we had a lovely group of ladies who made some super cushion tops - they all enjoyed themselves

My Thomas the Tank engine ready for a christmas present.

Vicki is getting ready for Christmas.

Mags liked her butterflies

Trish had never done any quilting/sewing before
so was well pleased.


  1. Pub lunch sounds a good idea :) The cushions are all lovely. Clever ladies!

  2. Polebrook looks very nice and I'm sure it was livened up by you and Hilary :-).
    The cushions are lovely, maybe one day I will get around to making some.

  3. Well done ladies your cushions are really lovely.