Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Well it has been ages since I updated my blog, i have been reading lots of blogs and they are all so interesting but I didn't seem to have anything of momentous importance to blog about but oh now I have!! Angela has also been nagging me to blog so whilst she is out today thought I would surprise her and get up to date.

Well this picture is of my quilt I have finished - and put on my bed as a 'Topper' it does look lovely and I am pleased with the finished effect - though in truth half way through I was more than unhappy but all is well that ends well!!

Now this is my baby boy, Mark aged 22, and he and Zoey aged 20 announced their engagement at the weekend - oh glassy eyes - the ring is sooo pretty and they are very happy. Zoey is lovely and very good for him so although they have no plans for an immediate wedding, some serious saving required!
But this followed on from an announcement the week before that Liz & Alistair (and I forgot to download their photo off the photo frame). Liz is Rob's 21 year old daughter - and Alistair went down on one knee in Ferry Meadows and proposed how romantic!!! They are aiming for
end of next year or spring of 2011 - so more
saving required. Must ensure I get a stock of
material now I think!!!!!


  1. Just think of all the quilts you'll have to make!

  2. Nice to see you back. The quilt is gorgeous I'm so glad you didn't give up.

  3. Well done, you have made a lovely quilt. I hope mine looks as good when it is finished. Will now try to post this comment successfully.