Friday, 6 November 2009

Art & Stitch without Angela - oh we have missed her!!!

It has been a fabulously busy week and Barbara and I have kept ourselves occupied whilst selling prodigious amounts of fabric - William Morris especially!!!

This is my latest Turn around nine patch put together ready to demonstrate at class this weekend.

Barbara has been finishing this Sun Bonnet Sue cushion isn't it lovely - the little girl will be so pleased to have that as a presssie.

Sam's quilt for her Mum and one of the many cushions she is currently into making isn't it super.


  1. So this is what you get up to when I'm not there. The quilts look lovely as does Barbara's cushion. Theres no mention of jelly babies though, I must check my drawer in the morning :-)

  2. We (me and Pam)enjoyed our week in the shop lots of work and lots of customers. I love Sunbonnet Sue designs and enjoyed making this cushion. Thankyou Sam for the lovely quilt and cushion you made for me I love it and is admired by customers in the workshop where it has proud of place at the moment. Too late Angela all the jelly babies we have eaten and can't wait to start on the next packet, but it is nice to have you back we missed you.