Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Yeh I am so chuffed with this - when all the children (ranging from 21 - 29) arrive we seem to run out of seating room and inevitably someone ends up on the floor - so I decided to make a cushion - no I did not want a traditional bean bag I just had to be awkward so I made this - it has been tested by Alistair & Mark and they are quite happy - so now just have to finish the zip at the bottom and hey presto - I guess no one will visit us now!

Oh it was a great weekend - Mark (my baby at 22) bought his new young lady to see us and she is lovely. Not sure what she made of the mad house!

And yesterday in the sunshine I have painted my Tyvek so watch this space and I might just get my poinsettas made.


  1. Love the cushion. I'm looking forward to thge poinsettia's.

  2. What a great cushion it is so big it could be used as a single bed. Well done.