Saturday, 23 March 2013

I honestly do not know where the time goes to and everytime I update my blog I really intend to do so more often then here I am again not having done so for ages.

We recently lost one of our cold water fish so we bought some new babies two little darlings - they were not daunted by the size of the other two enormous monsters and are holding their own at feeding time and I think are now putting on weight.

They are very cute and actually know it!!

Now I have been helping a young lady who has learning difficulties in the shop and she wanted to make an easy bag - this is mine that I put together to show her.  We will post hers next month when she gets the handles on - she has picked it up so quickly and is enjoying herself.  Next month we are going to start a scrap quilt with her.
  I made the bag from scraps so both sides are different - it is a lovely little bag and I enjoyed making it.

I have been very productive at home this last week embellishing this wall panel - I do enjoy sitting hand quilting and beading it is great fun - and I think the panel looks great.  We do have this panel for sale at Art and Stitch !!!

These fairies are such fun and this panel will look lovely on a youngsters wall.

Well on this horrid snowy Saturday I hope you are all wrapped up warm and have lots of sewing to keep you occupied.

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  1. The panel is lovely and the fairies are brilliant. The fish look like they have made themselves at home.