Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Well it is absolutely ages since I sat down to blog - several excuses - waffle waffle waffle - but I am back at last!!

Suffice to say the shingles has all gone, the post herpetic neuralga is well and truly on the wane I do not have to take the dog tablets anymore - the tablets I had were the same as Angela's dog was on!!! You can imagine the mirth that has caused us all.

Anyway I am now back with a vengence and have just returned from a wonderful weekend at Debden House with Anne Stacey. We arrived on friday to a beautiful vista of the lovely old house in snowy surroundings. The workshop was waiting for us and we all started with a vengence!

The view of the side of the house
Ane the photo below is from Dawn and my Bedroom window

Here is Dawn modelling the overdoor hanging that she made!!!

I couldn't resist this photo as the snow melted on the block paved path - it is lovely

Anne had bought loads and loads of ideas for us all to make and here is my Christmas tree as work in progress and then as finished.
Now on Thursday before I went I decided I wanted to use the batiks we had and make a pattern in a magazine I had. Anyway this is how it is turning out - looking good - just got to sort borders now.

Right well I will endeavour to keep my blog up to date more regularly and as I am on 84 posts now have to think about a giveaway for the 100th which will be in the New Year now. Yeh Christmas is looming very soon - I love Christmas and love having all my family around.


  1. I love that Christmas tree ,just think you was busy making Christmas wall hangings (I think they were ) when we had a course with you back in May ,which Ithought was abit previous but you have the last laugh ...love Jan xx

  2. Glad you have kicked the shingles :) The course at Debden looks great and I love the Christmas tree.

  3. I'm not sure how I seem to have missed that you had shingles (or have I just forgotten?) but glad you are better.