Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Well I thought I had to share the latest escapades of the smallest cat with the naughtiest attitude

The lamp on the coffee table did not stand a chance! But what stupid humans thought that a table should have a lamp on it!!

The Yukka plant obviously should be lying on the floor rather than standing up - silly me for thinking it should !

But this is the ultimate sacrilage of all times, she has realised that if she throws herself at the sewing room door, it opens, so she now thinks that is a great game! But look what she has done to my pin cushion pattern and templates - now broken lamps, knocked over yukkas, pale into total insignificance.


  1. Oh what a naughty cat, she causes more trouble than Sparky. Has an eviction notice been issued?

  2. Cheeky kitty you've got there Pam! :o)

  3. ... and she is still living with you?

  4. what a naughty kitty! But at least she comes out from behind the sofa ;)